Sunday, 3 December 2017

Big potential for Potcoin


 There hasn’t been much coverage of Potcoin (POT) on the YouTube channels or the marijuana themed cryptos in general. I think commentators are missing out on some big news here and I would like to prompt a discussion on the developments in the marijuana industry and the various cryptocurrencies that have been developed to utilise a functioning and legalised hemp based economy.

Firstly, both Canada and numerous US states are starting to legalize recreational marijuana use in addition to medicinal use. The state of California and it’s huge economy is looking to legalise recreational use in 2018. This will mean massive business growth and many new jobs will be created as new customers flock to the dispensaries.

Marijuana based businesses based in the United States require banking facilities which are often difficult to obtain because federal law still considers cannabis an illegal drug. The use of Potcoin as a currency for trading is an obvious solution to this problem.

There have been many cannabis themed cryptocurrencies that have come into existence over the last few years. HempCoin (THC), DopeCoin (DOPE) and CannabisCoin (CANN) have all failed to establish themselves beyond small scale use.

Potcoin by comparison has by far the biggest market cap, trading volume and community of users. What is great about investing in Potcoin is that the consensus algorithm is proof-of-stake (POSV) meaning that you can gain interest of up to 5% a year by staking your wallet balance on the network. Payments on the Potcoin network are much faster compared to Bitcoin and the network fees are extremely low (0.01 POT). The current value of each Potcoin is $0.41.

The Potcoin blockchain is still only 3GB and the QT wallet is not very demanding on computer resources. As Potcoin does not use a proof-of-work (POW) consensus, the network therefore does not require much energy and so it is environmentally friendly.

If you look at Potcoin’s continued growth and the massive potential growth of the legalised marijuana industry, then investing in Potcoin would appear to be a win win decision. 

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